Today I am thinking about being and getting lucky.

Being lucky:

How lucky are we to get to go to Disney!? I NEVER got to do things like this as a child. We never took vacations anywhere. Barely left our town….so this is exciting and I am thankful. I am starting to mentally pack my suitcase for Disney! I went to Walmart and got some pocket sized parkas in case it rains. I called my friend Tracy up and quizzed her about air travel, because she knows everything about it. I am going to plug in our ipods, gather reading material, my camera batteries, and hopefully remember to bring my cell phone chargers. And the laptop cord. And clothes. And toothpaste. And shoes. And maybe a candle because hotels smell yucky. The kids are getting pretty excited about it. They are asking me “how many days?” left until we leave, and Molly is getting concerned about our itinerary. She is going to be a planner, my complete opposite.

Getting lucky:

Ahem, close your eyes….TMI warning. I am happy it’s Thursday. Chad gets home tonight and I am hoping we can spend some “QT” together-because it’s been a while. “A While” is a very relative term, you know. For us, “a while” means more than 7 days. Anything over that is major turmoil and drama. We were “together” Friday night, But on Saturday (his b-day) he didn’t get any, I was just sooo tired from being at that tournament all day and having not much sleep the night before. So I said, “sorry…” and the next thing I know it’s the morning. Then Sunday night was the Superbowl and I started my monthy routine. And even though that is going on, there is always alternatives but I’ve just had a busy week. Monday was poker night and he was out late, Tuesday was wrestling and he went to bed too early. Last night I was annoyed with him for being passive-aggressive-frustrated about it. Believe me, he’s a major baby about it, too, and I was sure as heck not feeling any passion! But, tonight is another night, right? I will redeem myself, and he will feel so bad for giving me the crabby faces about not getting his “needs” met.

Wow, why am I even talking to the WWW about sex? Oh well, there are worse things in life to talk about, right? And I know I am not the only one with a hubby who likes to get lucky.


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The job


A little history first:


My brother and sister-in-law had a baby on April 1st. His name is Carson and he is a special little dude. After a very long June-November, he was diagnosed with Nemaline Rod Myopathy. Basically, he has irregular muscle cells, with rod-like structures in them. He seemed fine at birth but his symptoms began to show soon afterward, like the hypotonia (floppy arms, neck, legs) and not being able to hold his head up, feeding trouble etc. In July, he was in the hospital for a week with what the Dr’s thought were Botulism-like symptoms and he was sent home after an insanely expensive antidote was given…he seemed to be getting better ,but progressing very slowly. Then in October, he got sick with a cold and ended up in the hospital for 30+ days. See, he doesn’t have the ability to clear his throat, cough productively…so when he got this cold they knew something was just not right. He was turning ashy and had severe breathing difficulty. So, after a very long stay in the NICU and a lot of testing, they gave him the diagnosis of Rod Myopathy. They won’t know the severity of his type until he’s older and milestones have or haven’t been hit. Their goal is to have him sitting unassisted by the time he is 1. He has a G-tube , night time ventilation, medicines, therapy and so on. There is no cure for this and although it is a sad circumstance, we all love my nephew and he is a little glimmer of sunshine through all of this.


So, onto the job part of this post.

My brother-in-law works with Chad, at the paper mill. He works a rotating schedule of days and overnights. My sister-in-law works as an underwriter for a major insurance company in Cedar Rapids. On New Year’s Eve, Carson got dropped from their insurance , I am unsure of the details because I am not an office gal.  Before this, they had nursing care during the night so they could get sleep for their jobs. And nursing care for the days that my brother-in-law was working his day shifts (which is not a typical 5 day work week, he is home a lot) . This nursing care got cut in half leaving them with no care during the day. After much stress, they decided that they would put an ad in the paper for daytime help. After weeks of waiting with nothing panning out, my sister-in-law reluctantly put her 2 week notice in and just threw in the towel. She didn’t want to lose her job. As much as she would love to stay home-it helps to keep her a little grounded and away from the stress -which she needs. We aren’t all made to be stay-at-homers. Yet, she couldn’t see any other option. Then they got a glimmer of hope when a lady called about the ad in the paper 3 days before her notice was up at work. This fell through within 24 hours.  That is when I called my mother-in-law for an unimportant reason. We got to talking about their situation. Keep in mind, I knew all of this was going on, minus one big detail. They had placed an ad for a nanny, not a nurse. They were willing to train someone to care for him and my sister-in-law would work from home (for peace of mind and being right there).
When my mother-in-law told me this I was like, “Why didn’t anyone tell me???? I can be a nanny!” She told me that they had wanted ME all along-they had hit me up when he was in utero, before they knew the outcome of his disability, but I was working at the time  and declined.  But they never asked after all of this because they felt like it would be imposing a burden on me,  because I was busy with my own kids and have been looking for a job. However, I told them they were nuts. This would not be an “easy” job but very rewarding!  I had been applying at daycares all over the place  so it’s not a far shot from what I wanted to do, anyway. After we hung up, I called my sister-in-law and told her that I would do this for them. She was in shock, a mess of emotions and a major roller coaster week had taken it’s toll on her. They called me back later and told me that she’d rushed to her boss and asked to revoke her notice and they decided to give her a 6 week leave of absence instead. So she can get recharged and put her ducks in a row. And hopefully, I’m a duck!  So….when I get back from Florida, we’re going to all sit down and work out a schedule and get to talking about this.

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Happy it’s Monday

Wow, what a super busy weekend that was!

Chad and I had a “date” on Friday night. We went out for supper with a few friends and ended up in the most COWBOY bar I have ever been to in my life. It had line dancin’, cowboy hat wearin, and lots of “Yee-haw”s. Our friend, Heather, is a singer in a country cover band called “8 Seconds” , and they were playing at this venue. It was interesting-that’s for sure. She did an awesome job. Our friends we went with were having a few marital issues so it wasn’t the most fun time we’ve had but it was still nice to get out and do grown up things.

Saturday morning we took the trip to Lisbon and watched Shaw and Kale wrestle. What a LONG day. Seriously? I was there for 9 hours!  I think my whole side of the family showed up, and Shannon came to watch for a little bit. Thanks, girl! I ran into a few people we know and chatted a little bit. It was a pleasant experience and I had myself all worked up for nothing. Shaw and Kale both left with 2nd place medals. Shaw had to wrestle in a 5 man group so he was tuckered out. He pinned his first, almost had a technical fall in his second match (won 16-2), lost his 3rd in the first period via pin, had a bye for his 4th match, and pinned his last man. Kale had to wrestle a 2-time champ for his first match and lost after a heck of a fight, had a bye his second, and won his last.

Sunday morning was a lazy morning. I finally got the gears turning around 2 and made some veggie pizza and brownies for the Superbowl. My little brother came over and we sat on the edge of our seats and bit our fingernails off for the game. Chad (who has been rooting for the Steelers since he was in grade school, back in the iron curtain days) was in shock that they won the game. That touch down and turnover happenned so fast that he just didn’t have time to process it all. So, there wasn’t as much hooting and hollering as he usually does. Although the terrible towl was spinning a million miles an hour when Harrison intercepted and returned for a 100 yard touchdown. Holy shit that was awesome. I sorta wish he’d gotten the MVP award instead of Holmes, because he’s cool. Holmes is sorta arrogant and a little bit of a trouble maker! Anway, Go Steelers! I have to order a hat now. Not too sure about the blue though.

Today I am going to take it easy. Stay tuned and I’ll tell you about the job I think I have!

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Check this out

You won’t be dissappointed!  Unless you’re boring. LOL

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So you had a bad day…

Why yes, yes I did.

  1. 2 dental cleaning appointments turned into 6 more. One kid got a tooth pulled, has to get a spacer. The other has two follow ups to rid her of “sugar bugs”. And I have to go tomorrow to start my list of work to be done. Definitely meeting the deductible for 09.
  2. Job hunting sucks. Enough said.
  3. I am thinking about taking the kids off their bus route and carting them to and fro for the time being because they have the WORST kids on their bus. The main culprit is this little girl who has oppositional defiant disorder, ADHD and a plethora of other troubles including lazy parents. She has forced their route to go through 4 bus drivers, a threat to have a police officer on the bus to monitor things, and today they had to sit in the bus in a parking lot and were threatened to be turned back around and dropped back off at school because they were being so naughty. And the sick thing? They’re all under 11. Pathetic. Four of these little shits all belong to the same lazy parents I mentioned above. And they live in my trailer park. You know it’s sad when you look out your window to see a 14 year old flipping you off because you are the only adult in the neighborhood that doesn’t let the kids rule the roost. I’ve had many run ins with these kids over the summer and I am so ready for us to be gone.
  4. Took the boy to wrestling practice tonight. He’s really treading on thin ice with my patience lately. The last two practices have been agonizing and he’s not put forth any effort. Tonight he got in a fight with a kid he was wrestling. The kid was ticked that Shaw was beating him so he slapped Shaw on the face and then proceeded to scratch his cheek on purpose. So Shaw retaliates by grabbing his head and slamming his face into the mat. Tears flowing all over the place and 2 angry mommas and coaches intercede. Needless to say, I dragged him by his shirttail to the hallway and we left. And he had to think  all the way home about the upcoming spanking he was going to get. I don’t spank my kids as a primary source of discipline. Not even a secondary or tertiary. But I had enough and he knew it. So, he’s taking a break from the mat until I see a better attitude from him, both on the mat and at home.  And I don’t want to “ruin” him and make him hate the sport. So, we’ll see how this goes.
  5. Chad calls me from work to see how the night went along and instead of listening he went off on his tangents of “I told you so…” The man can never just be supportive. He thinks he needs to offer advice, suggestions, constructive critism, a learning opportunity, blah blah blah. How about just a plain simple, “I get you” or “Wow, that sucks…” Ugh.

Okay…that’s all. Phew, I feel better now.

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Random facts about right now-in no particular order

  1. Tonight I pulled my erector spinae muscle demonstrating a double wrist tie-up on Shaw. Believe me, he had it coming too! Now I am a little achy and understand why Dan Gable had a double hip replacement in the 90s. Wrestling wrecks body parts. But as far as Shaw’s wrestling career is going: good. He leave a little to be desired though. He believes that his shear strength is enough to win matches. Right now it’s working, but I really wish he’d tighten up on technique a little. However, he did pull a successful granby roll yesterday and pinned a kid. And, on the flipside of that same coin, he also blew a very tight match by ignoring his coach-chose the down position instead of the suggested neutral, tried the granby again and got stuck. Lost by points, but not a pin. He wrestles next weekend in Lisbon. I am nervous for the both of us because that’s our old home-town and it makes me a nervouse wreck knowing I have to sit there among many people I would like to hide from. Partly because I am embarrassed, and partly because I am relieved that I am away from it all and it sucks going back and re-thinking things that happenned in the past and people who used to be friends but aren’t anymore.
  2. Although it is 8:00pm, I felt like something warm and soothing so I am drinking a freshly brewed pot of Casi Cielo coffee from Starbucks. It mean’s “Almost Heaven”, and I would have to somewhat agree. Usually I drink bold espresso but I wanted to try something new and it’s not too bad.  It has a bit of a lemony taste to it.
  3. I have been thinking a lot about our upcoming trip to Florida. It will be a trip of many “firsts” for me. First plane ride, first time seeing the ocean (we hope to drive to the coast and see it anyway), my first time going to the east coast in general, our first family vacation. My first time in an airport-well, sorta. I went once to pick up a friend. My first time wearing spring clothes in January without freezing my ass off (hopefully).
  4. I am still looking for a job. For some reason, this is taking forever. Granted, I am not going at a break neck pace either. I am taking my time, and nobody’s hiring.
  5. We are still looking for houses. We aren’t officially going to sell our trailer or see Realtors until late summer, but we keep looking for an exceptional deal that might make us jump a little sooner. I am being a little picky though. I want a lot of room. I want an attached garage. I want a finished (or unfinished but ready to finish) basement with a walk out and daylight windows. I want at least 3 bedrooms. I want a nice open floor plan. I want a fireplace. Chad wants a huge garage. And I want a nice sized lot so I don’t feel cramped. I want it to be in a nice area, preferably in the College Community school district. Is that so much to ask? Come on people! Oh, and I want new windows and a new roof. I won’t make that mistake twice….new windows are a must.
  6. Chad is gone playing poker tonight. He does this all winter long with his work buddies. He actually doesn’t fair to badly. Usually comes home on the positive side and that’s always nice.
  7. Chad’s birthday is on Saturday. We have that wrestling tournament I spoke about earlier. Hopefully that doesn’t ruin his birthday because he isn’t fond of going back to our old town much either.
  8. Chad is also over the moon because his favorite football team has yet again made it to the Super Bowl. I can honestly say I’ve watched almost all of their games this season, so I am excited too. It took a lot of patience, but I know he likes me to watch them with him, and that makes me happy when he’s happy. We just can’t agree on where we will watch the game. We have a high definition tv, and we get HD programming through our satellite company but the local channels through them are not yet available in HD. An easy fix would be to  watch it over-the-air in HD, but we get a shoddy signal and don’t own an antenna-because we have a satellite! Times like this make me wish we weren’t such entertainment geeks. So, we are debating between watching it at his brothers on a 65 inch HDTV, or at my brother’s house on a 50 inch HDTV. I vote for my brother’s because the atmosphere is so much more comfy for me. Chad’s family is admirable, but they are just not as close knit as my family is.
  9. Shaw is searching for a band-aid and hoping I don’t hear him. That’s what you get for trying to run a marathon BEHIND your sister, on a TREADMILL, BAREFOOT. Sheesh. Did I mention that he needs to work on technique?

Au Revoir, mes amies!

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Aside from shopping and photography, I like to read. And I read very fast. So fast, indeed, that I purchased a Barnes and Noble membership today, so I could save a few bucks on my coffee and books since I’ve been blowing through them lately. Part of being unemployed and Bore-fricken-ored. It’s nice though. I am finally at that point in motherhood where I can sit still and read a book from cover to cover. It usually takes me no more than 2 afternoons to get one done. It’s a sickness.

 Since Christmas I’ve read:

  1. Twilight- Stephenie Meyer
  2. New Moon-Stephenie Meyer
  3. Eclipse-Stephenie Meyer
  4. Breaking Dawn-Stephenie Meyer
  5. Midnight Sun-Stephenie Meyer (well, 150+ pages of it, which is published on Stephenie Meyer’s site)
  6. Host-Stephenie Meyer
  7. 16 minutes-Jodi Picoult
  8. The Reader-Bernhard Schlink (I read this one today-it was a quick read)

And I just started The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski-so far so good!

On my list to start soon:

Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates.


Go pick up a book! You know you wanna!

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