Can’t I just SLEEP IN?

March 14, 2009 at 7:57 pm Leave a comment


I am tired! I just want to sleep in, you know? I started my new job on Wednesday. I usually get up around 7 (get outta bed around 9…Guns-n-Roses, anyone?) but I have to be 20 minutes away at 7:15. So, that leaves me with 6:00. Unless I take a bath the night before, which I hate to do-I like to feel fresh. I worked Thursday, too. But my hours fluctuate, so someday I’ll get to sleep in. Friday I was hoping to sleep past 7 but Chad hit snooze, and I snoozed for 40 minutes and almost didn’t get the kids to the bus on time. And today? Well, my little nephew was going to wrestle districts for AAU wrestling today so I had to be up at 6:30. Unfortunately he weighed in at  .6 pounds over, but even after a lot of sweaty jump-roping and laps….he was still over by .2 pounds and couldn’t wrestle. Ugh.

So I need sleep.

Okay, so onto the job part.

I am working with my nephew, Carson. He is about to turn 1 and we’ve been having lots of fun together. He’s got Nemaline Rod Myopathy so he requires a nurse, or skilled caregivers 24/7. His parents both have full-time jobs, so he has nurses during the daytime and also at night (so mom and dad can sleep) I am learning the ropes on what he needs so that I can be a back up nanny for him when there are holes in the nursing schedule. In order to give me steady hours and a steady income, I still am scheduled to be there 120 hours a month whether there is a nurse provided or not. So, to keep me busy-I am doing all sorts of domestic things around their house.  I’m a maid, a nanny, an errand runner…It’s like being at home, only they have a MUCH bigger house with way too many toilets. But it’s also a little scary right now…there are so many machines and medicines and therapies. I’m slowly getting the hang of it, though and I am so happy to be helpful. Who doesn’t love a house that is always clean, and homemade meals? And someone to cuddle your baby who genuinely cares about him?

Okay, time to go….my kids are having WW3 in my living room!


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