Happy it’s Monday

February 2, 2009 at 11:09 am 1 comment

Wow, what a super busy weekend that was!

Chad and I had a “date” on Friday night. We went out for supper with a few friends and ended up in the most COWBOY bar I have ever been to in my life. It had line dancin’, cowboy hat wearin, and lots of “Yee-haw”s. Our friend, Heather, is a singer in a country cover band called “8 Seconds” , and they were playing at this venue. It was interesting-that’s for sure. She did an awesome job. Our friends we went with were having a few marital issues so it wasn’t the most fun time we’ve had but it was still nice to get out and do grown up things.

Saturday morning we took the trip to Lisbon and watched Shaw and Kale wrestle. What a LONG day. Seriously? I was there for 9 hours!  I think my whole side of the family showed up, and Shannon came to watch for a little bit. Thanks, girl! I ran into a few people we know and chatted a little bit. It was a pleasant experience and I had myself all worked up for nothing. Shaw and Kale both left with 2nd place medals. Shaw had to wrestle in a 5 man group so he was tuckered out. He pinned his first, almost had a technical fall in his second match (won 16-2), lost his 3rd in the first period via pin, had a bye for his 4th match, and pinned his last man. Kale had to wrestle a 2-time champ for his first match and lost after a heck of a fight, had a bye his second, and won his last.

Sunday morning was a lazy morning. I finally got the gears turning around 2 and made some veggie pizza and brownies for the Superbowl. My little brother came over and we sat on the edge of our seats and bit our fingernails off for the game. Chad (who has been rooting for the Steelers since he was in grade school, back in the iron curtain days) was in shock that they won the game. That touch down and turnover happenned so fast that he just didn’t have time to process it all. So, there wasn’t as much hooting and hollering as he usually does. Although the terrible towl was spinning a million miles an hour when Harrison intercepted and returned for a 100 yard touchdown. Holy shit that was awesome. I sorta wish he’d gotten the MVP award instead of Holmes, because he’s cool. Holmes is sorta arrogant and a little bit of a trouble maker! Anway, Go Steelers! I have to order a hat now. Not too sure about the blue though.

Today I am going to take it easy. Stay tuned and I’ll tell you about the job I think I have!


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  • 1. TracyR  |  February 2, 2009 at 7:03 pm

    Job? What job? Tell me more!

    WTG to Shaw & Kale!!

    Tried calling you back today, you didn’t answer.


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