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December 11, 2008 at 8:46 am Leave a comment

I feel like blogging today…it’s been long enough that I have enough to say at least.

It’s been busy around here as it always is this time of year. Shaw’s birthday is on the 12th, tomorrow. I can’t believe he’s 7. Whoa…where did that go? He’s turning out to be a good kid after all. Believe me, I had some serious doubts around age 3. He loves going to school (no  calls from teachers so far, no office visits yet-woot!) and is doing well with his reading. The most exciting thing going on with him, though, is wrestling. I love wrestling! I love the intensity and shouting, the nervous energy,  and the long days in stuffy high school gyms. I’m pretty proud of my little guy and have a feeling I had better buy some trophy polish. His first tournament is Sunday, but we’ve been practicing since the middle of November. And, if I may brag a little, Shaw is quite the natural grappler( He gets his athleticism from his daddy, not me-because I can’t hardly walk a straight line) and we’re constantly getting asked, “How long has he been wrestling?” He hasn’t been pinned yet and has great strength. The kid can run up the wall and grab a 9 foot chin up bar and chin a few. Not normal for a 1st grader. At the last practice, he got a round of applause and lots of attention because the coaches picked him out of the crowd for having the best sprawl-which sorta looks like the first part of the “worm” move that break dancers use. He had to do a face off with another contender and the best out of 3 one- Shaw. Yay….I was excited. Then he went with a partner to drill the double leg take down and a half nelson to finish for the pin. About 40 times. He had a guy (his partner’s dad) doing some advising, who really new what he was doing and had that natural coaching aire about him. Chad kept saying, “Gosh, he looks so familiar…” Well, that’s a funny story about why he looked so familiar:

The night before, Chad and my brother Jeremy were talking about their high school wrestling careers. Chad had been wrestling varsity heavy weight since his freshmen year and did pretty well. He was ranked his whole senior year and was about to go to districts for state. Then he got sick. Really sick, and couldn’t finish. The guy he would have wrestled at Districts went on to win State and wrestled for Iowa in college. Chad couldn’t think of his name and it was bugging the shit out of him all night. Well, the next night-after wrestling practice, Chad went over to introduce himself and shake hands with the Dad/Coach who was helping Shaw with his drills. The guy says, “Hey, my name’s John ‘so and so’ ” Immediately Chad shook his had and them smacked himself in the forehead and says…”Oh my God, NOW I remember who you are!”…

It was THE guy who went on to wrestle and win State. Hahahaha! It was so funny and such a coincidence since he was just talking about the guy the night before. Anyway, he coaches for Coe College now…has a little boy wrestling with Shaw who actually gives Shaw a run for his money. Could history repeat itself? If so, I’m making a dr.s appointment in advance!


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