October 3, 2008 at 7:36 pm 3 comments

Wow, I am so whooped, but glad it’s Friday.

Naturally, you can assume that I am pretty busy at work. Especially since I deal with pensions. And, well, you know with the state of the Dow these last few weeks- we’ve been a little busier. I am slowly getting the hang of things and I think I like it. I love my hours (9-3) and I love my pay (more than I’ve ever made in my life) and I love the perks (massages every 2 weeks, soaps on a plasma tv and lots of take-out), it’s a cool job. But there are things that are not so fun, too. Like emailing EVERY SINGLE THING YOU DO. Even though it comes in handy to have it on record, it seems silly at first.

“I received a contribution check in the mail. It’s processed and I will check for delivery tomorrow”

“It has been delivered. I will check for it to hit the account tomorrow”

“This has hit the account”

AND, I have to make more copies than you could imagine. One check comes in the mail and I am the Xerox Queen! A copy for this, a copy for that, a copy for her, a copy for him, a copy for them. A copy for me. And heck, I might as well send you a copy to, what’s your mail address?

Phones. I hate to talk on the phone (sorry Tracy…I’ve really SUCKED haven’t I?). I used to love it back when I stayed at home and had no life. Now, though? No thank you. It’s really hard to decide how to direct calls. I get so frustrated even though it should be so simple. There are some people/reps/agents/participants/clients we want to put through to “The boss” right away and some that we need to dump and hope they never call again. And me, being the newbie I am, have no idea which “Mike” is the good one.

And money. Yikes. Do you know how much money I hold in my hands everyday? Needless to say, I have 3 sets of fingerprints at the Police Station just in case I get all Enron and stuff.

So, anyways. I just wanted to peak in and say hello while I was sitting here trying to play catch up on my feeds. I need to get rid of a few blogs on my roll. I’ve totally lost interest in some of them and wonder why in the heck I even open the page. I especially the ones where people say extremely narrow minded things- mean things, hiding behind the disclaimer: “it’s my opinion/belief”

….but I guess that’s the beauty of blogs.

You can say what you wanna, yo.

Tonight I think I am going to sit down and watch Ironman on blu-ray. It’s a good show-although it’s not the type of show I’d ever watch if I hadn’t been the mom of a 7 year old Marvel Maniac.


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Yoohoo! Carson

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  • 1. Shannon  |  October 4, 2008 at 9:03 pm

    Glad to hear you tell about the job and how things are going. Things are pretty much the same in Lisbon. The kids and I have been doing a lot of pumpkin related things these last two weeks.
    Love to hear from you sometime 😉
    PS I’m glad you left me on your list of blogs.

  • 2. TracyR  |  October 6, 2008 at 9:18 pm

    awww…I miss ya girl! Glad you posted. Guess what?! We’re moving back to MN. See…now you have to call me! (Not that I’ve been very good at it either. Been really really bad at keeping in touch with ANYONE lately). Still love ya though 😉

  • 3. Anonymous  |  October 8, 2008 at 11:20 am

    Holy shit!!!!!! I am so calling you after work!!
    And I love ya too!


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The things we touch have no permanence. My master would say: there is nothing we can hold onto in this world. Only by letting go can we truly possess what is real. -Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

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