Girl Drama and Shopping

August 4, 2008 at 10:09 am Leave a comment

I thought I’d sneak a photo of my firstborn goofball into this post.

Let me tell you, she has had so many sleepovers in my living room that I am about to think these girls are part of my family. She runs around with 2 girls, Kayla and Emily. There are more girls around, but let’s just say that it is a major flashback to high school if they all congregate together. In fact, I have officially “banned” her from being around 2 of them. I can’t believe I actually had to do that already, but seriously, I don’t think that they’re any good for her to be around. One is constantly stealing things, like the gym teachers first aid bag (um, OK?) and other people’s belongings. I’ve seen her grab other kids’ bikes and ride them home. Just bad. And then there is the other girl who used to be the center of attention and had all of the kids in her yard playing, total monopoly and she was the bomb-until we moved in. And Molly “stole” all of her friends from her, and Molly is just a “spoiled little brat”. Actually, I think they clung to Molly. like flies on poop, because she was the new girl and they liked her. So, now this former Trailer Park Queen Tween Girl is causing major triangles and scheming to make Molly friendless. Up until now I have sat on the sidelines just shaking my head and remembering how girls can be so stupid. Even grown up ones, too. I finally told Molly that she was not allowed to socialize with these two girls-and the Snotty Queen Tween has been all like “If Molly’s mom can’t say anything to my face, then What-ever! Like talk to my hand, dude.” Come on over and I’ll give you my 2 cents and maybe a course on how to treat people. Sheesh, there I go regressing back to middle school. But it never really ends, does it? I just hope that Molly retains the ability to let it roll off her shoulders and keeps the genuine relationships healthy. I’m also trying to teach her that kindness matters and even if you don’t want to “hang out” with a certain person, you can be kind and polite. I do it all the time, LOL! Girl Drama sucks.

This only makes having a son a little more easy. All he does is play. And if you get on his nerves, he’s an alpha male and won’t take any crap. He doesn’t have hormones, (*yet*) or the worry if his friends “like” him. Either you play in the dirt with him or you don’t. No drama. Woo woo woo (doing the whole “guy cheer”)

Other things on my mind. Shopping (ding,ding, ding-you are correct)! I went to the mall yesterday. I didn’t buy anything though, you see. I just “window” drooled shopped. I found a few really cool pairs of shoes and tops. And my all time favorite brand/style of pants. These are the best-est ever. I had a pair a few years ago which I gave to my lovely friend Shannon after I lost too much weight. Now they’re probably hanging off her running ass, too. Anyway, if you have to get a pair of good, quality, comfortable pants-get these. And spend the extra money- it’s worth it. They’re from Express. And this particular style is the “Editor” style. I have them in various shades, but of coarse…all too big for me now because I bought them back when I went to church weekly and weighed much more than I do now. Not that I am correlating church with obesity, that’s not what I’m saying (lol)

Aren’t they cute?

So, I have to go shopping for all new clothes for work. I need at least a weeks worth of clothes so I am going to have to spend a big wad of money. I better start watering that money tree I transplanted in the yard.

HAHA. I wish.

Have a good day, everyone. And thanks for the emails and comments to my Interaction post. It was nice to meet you all!


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