Hey Guess What?!

July 25, 2008 at 12:24 pm Leave a comment

By Golly, I think I have a job! I haven’t officially been hired but it seems as though they’re going to hammer things out and get back to me with pay details and hours and such.

From what I gather, I would be working for an underwriter and doing all of the 401(k) paperwork for his clients and venders,  running errands, etc…no nights, weekends, or holidays. I think I would be starting off part-time and training and easing into fulltime.

Wait… I just got an email:

Great!  I will try to get with *** this afternoon & get back to you with salary & starting info.  We did think that you should stay with your kids through August & then start in Sept if that works.  With *** taking vacation, it would be better to have her here to start training.  We like to keep one person training so that it’s consistent & we can keep track of what you’ve been trained on.

We enjoyed talking to you & feel like you would really fit in here.

I’ll get back to you this afternoon!

Thanks again for coming in.


Yay! That was so easy!! Go, Me- Go, Me- Go, Me!

One thing that is going to be fun, for me, is that I get to dress up. I love to dress up. It’s office casual with Friday Jean Day. I am going to have a killer shoe collection!!

Hooray! Isn’t it awesome that I get to finish the rest of the summer with my kids?! SUH-WEET! That will give me a month to read 401(K) for Dummies

Okay, subject change:

Tonight I am going to the Benton County Fair with my inlaws and the kids. I have recently become a little more of a dweeb at fairs. I am officially old and get motion sick off of the stupidist rides. This should be interesting.

Tomorrow, I am going to be a Godmother in my nephew Carson’s baptism. Now, I am not so sure about the Godly part but I am definately experienced in the Mother department!! Haha

So, it’s busy, busy here.

I’m going to close now with a moment of silence.

Ok, that was nice. See you all later!


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Wish me luck! Photo session

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