Whath did you thay?

July 20, 2008 at 9:23 am Leave a comment

“Tho, do you think I look thexy without my tooth?”

Haha! The boy finally yanked out his tooth. It has been hanging out in his mouth like Cliff Hanger on PBS. Just waiting for the right apple or corn on the cob. I was a little surprised that he was so afraid to pull it out seeing that it was to be his 3rd tooth he lost. But, nevertheless…he sat moaning and whimpering as I sat there with a wash cloth and ready to pounce on him and yank the sucker out. Finally he yanked it out himself after I told him I was calling to get Daddy in to help us. LMAO. I know, I am mean. Horrible mommy. But he was happy as a clam and carried the yucky tooth around for a few hours. Ick. I don’t like that part of the deal.

Here he is with his little buddy, who just happened to lose his bottom tooth the day before. Such a cool little club they’ve started.

So, it’s a happy little day here at the McDonough house. The sun is finally shining again and maybe I’ll get to enjoy our new deck aside from standing in the pouring rain  while I’m waiting for Foster to pee. Here’s a photo of the finished product from the vantage point of my front door. We decided to go with a dark “clove brown” stain I wanted something a little bit different than the average redwood colored deck. Although it looks pretty ordinary in this photo:

Last night, Chad and I went to see the new Batman movie with Heath Ledger. Well, not WITH him, but you know what I mean. I’ve heard mixed reviews about this show.  It was very dark, indeed. Heath did a spectacular job being the Joker. He played it so well that it was a little bit freaky watching it in retrospect knowing he is currently deceased. I was reading that he was a little bit “affected” by playing this role and trying to get into the mind of his character. Believe me, he had me believing that he WAS a crazy clown face paint wearing serial killing nutcase! I won’t be letting my kids watch it, because it’s too dark and scary for them. But I enjoyed the popcorn!

Have a good day, y’all. Shaw & Molly’s friends are knocking down the door.


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