Bragging up the Jere-meister

June 17, 2008 at 9:48 am 1 comment

Things are feeling normal again. That or I am just used to owning a hotel and doing laundry and cooking for 2 families. I am actually enjoying it quite a bit, spending quality time with my sister-in-law and my stinky nephew. I see my brother, Jeremy, in the evenings when he collapses on the couch with a whiskey and coke. Seriously? Do you know how hard he is working? Plug your ears if you don’t like to hear bragging, because I am about to give serious props to my brother for the following reasons:

  1. Although his home is one of those damaged in the Palo area, he is putting in 8+ hours each day for the city of Palo. See, he was on the city council for quite some time, and he was also the Mayor Pro tempore of Palo for a while. But he just had too much on his plate with his normal job so he let his positions go last year. Or so he thought… LOL. So, he’s been called up by the current Pro tempore-al Mayor and is 2nd in command, so to speak, and has been organizing and writing up procedure for the handling of the disaster.
  2. Then you have his real job, which he is doing from the sectional couch at McDonough Motel. He is a Microsoft engineer and the Head Director of all things technical and data-ish for a really cool company called Stamats . He saved the company, basically. Instead of worrying about his own basement, He and another guy physically drove all of the company’s data and servers to Altoona before the flood waters rose. He has worked his butt off coordinating things so everyone can work remotely while their business site is in downtown CR. He’s gotten many pats on the back and lots of praise from the company, which makes me smile. He has a lot on his shoulders. And they are trying to be so helpful to him by offering him a condo in Cedar Rapids to live in for free until August, if need be.
  3. The last reason I think he is so cool is because he’s doing all of this work for everyone else, all the while, he’s got a mess of his own to clean up at home.
    Can you imagine? He has a very nice home, about 3 years old, that was finished in the basement. Today, in between all of this other stuff, he is going to start tearing drywall and carpet and insulation and stuff out of his house. And conquering the mold…that’s a lotta work. Silver lining, though? They can redo the floorplan now, and make their master suite.
  4. He fixed my toilet flusher that was broke AND he replaced my leaky sink plug holder. You know, the part of the sink that you put the strainer plug into? It was leaky and water would leak out under the cabinets. He replaced it with a nifty thing that is threaded so you screw the strainer plug into it and now it is non-leaky. That is confusing…here, just look:

Why is he doing such nice things when he’s got more to worry about? Press conferences, Work conferences. Wicking Mold. He’s too cool. My brother rocks!

And so does my sister-in-law. She has kept everything positive and is such a realistic person. She keeps shoving money at me and buying groceries when she really SHOULDN’T be. I haven’t seen her break down once, and she has patience of a rare sort. However, this afternoon, we’ll be going to see her house for the first time and I might have to bring a case of Kleenex.

Anyways, that’s the current update at McDonough Motel. Hope everyone else is doing well!


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  • 1. TracyR  |  June 25, 2008 at 9:48 pm

    Where ya be? Just checking in on ya. How is everything going down there? Things are crazy here with summer and all. Trying to gear up for our trip, but not sure when we’ll be there yet.


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