An angry flood post

June 13, 2008 at 11:28 am 2 comments

This is effing insane. This is a photo taken from which I reccomend for photos of Hell on Earth Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Currently, I am okay. I live about 2 minutes from flooded roads though so I can only get around using one way. The highway I can see from my window is closed, and the road I live on is closed as well. But I am not complaining. I have a home still. Unlike my brother and his family who have one that is under water- in Palo, Iowa- and is living with me in the meantime. He can’t even get into his town.

I have to laugh at some headlines I’ve seen, like: “God says ‘No Obama!’ for Iowa ” As if he caused a flood because Obama was coming. Seriously? I have to just roll my eyes sometimes. I must be standing too far on the left these days because it makes me sad to hear people think this way. I have also read headlines saying that God is sending judgment upon us, or that the world was going to end -yesterday, and that Gay people are to blame for natural disasters. I would pay money to see any of these headline people tell my brother, face to face, that he is getting what he “deserves”, or that his home is under water because he is a sinner.

I am not ignorant about Christianity and the Bible. I am very familiar with this train of thought. I have many friends who would disagree wholeheartedly with me and my liberal lefty views on life. But that’s okay with me.

Maybe I’ve been reading too much Eckhart Tolle. *snicker*


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DAM! Black Water

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  • 1. God  |  June 14, 2008 at 12:18 pm

    God has brought the floods with devastation to Iowa as punishment for promoting an abortion advocate like Obama. Lord have mercy on their souls.

  • 2. Miranda  |  June 14, 2008 at 1:55 pm

    Wow, God…
    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog…from all the way from an IP address in New Orleans! I am curious to hear if you have other great explanations for hurricanes and such, too.


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