All quiet on the SE front

May 25, 2008 at 10:47 am Leave a comment

Well, aside from the sounds of rapid boiling water on the stove. I have the boys shipped off to go fishing by the stinky poop factory-well the water treatment place, whatever. Molly is due to go out with Aunt Heather for a day of girl stuff. I am jealous. Not envious about the fishing in poop lakes, but shopping? Oh how I long to go buy something new to wear! Molly is going to have a super fun time though, and I am very grateful for my sister-in-law for transmitting the Mall-o-holic virus treating her to a special day. Aunt Heather has no daughters of her own, you see, just a stinky rotten boy who is too much like his father-my older brother. However, I love him, in all of his stinky rottenness. As I would hope they love my own smelly boy.

So, today I have a semi quiet house. Foster is here to make my face twinge with his shrieking cries from the kennel, but otherwise, it’s peaceful here. Time to ruin the quiet with some loud hip hop!

I am preparing for the 3:00 Pre-Memorial Day BBQ In The Thunderstorm. I am making ribeyes and NY strips, hot dogs for the stinky kids, potato salad, baked beans, fruit pizza, and Aunt Heather is bringing the pasta salad. And beer, and margaritas, and diet drinks-but not like slimfast or anything…I’m talking about SODA. It’s going to be a nice time I hope. I am sorta crossing my fingers that my brother doesn’t bring his Airsoft rifles and guns. What a deceptive name-those little red pellets of pain are anything but “soft” when one hits your ass at 210 miles per hour. The kids (by that I mean grown up men) enjoy it and my trailer park becomes the beach of Normandy. I hate it actually…but my brothers have always had violent taste in entertainment. Like locking me in the closet so they could go swimming withOUT me. Losers.

Ok, anyways…it’s going to be a fun day. And it’s quiet now-break out the music!


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