Caged Animal

May 16, 2008 at 5:28 pm 1 comment

Here, try a little music for your viewing experience. Click play and then read on, it’s just so fitting, and all.

Shaw has always been a very curious kid. And he also has always made me wonder what the hell goes on in his little brain. I mean, seriously. Sometimes I can only shake my head and guess. Maybe he’s bored? Maybe he needs medicated? Maybe I need medicated.

Today I was making meatloaf. I had Shaw keeping the dog busy for me while I was working on it. Or so I thought. I heard this clinking sound followed by a nonchalant, “Can somebody help me?”, and “Is anybody going to HELP me?” and the requests got louder. So, I figured I should detach from my meatloaf making business to see what could be going on. Well, here you are:

What are you so stunned for? Haven\'t you seen a caged child before?

What are you so shocked for? Haven’t you seen a caged child before?

Don’t mind me, I’ll sit in here like a contortionist and make pig faces while you snap away. Go ahead, I’m fine

Really, Mom, you’re pathetic.

Ahhhh, finally! I never thought you’d put the camera down and rescue me. (although I took a photo of him thinking that)

Notice the blur in the foreground of the 3rd photo? Yeah, That’s Foster looking at Shaw like “WTH? Dude, you’re, like, totally invading my crib, yo?!”

*Shrug* I don’t get it.


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  • 1. tritter429  |  May 16, 2008 at 6:22 pm

    I’m behind a day or two…

    Shaw cracks me up! I love that kid.

    Not sure what I’m watching this summer. Might have to do the Bachelorette, and for sure Private Practice when it comes back (July, I think?)

    Awww…poor exhausted puppy Mommy 😦 Its hard to re-learn them, huh?

    Sorry ’bout payback stick pickin’ too.


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