Keepsakes & a twisted family tree

May 12, 2008 at 11:44 am 1 comment

Before I begin this post, let me remind you. I have what I consider to be adult attention deficiency disorder. I get bored very easily, and in order to make life interesting, I change things up a lot. I rearrange my house often, I constantly want a new hairstyle, and I am constantly revamping my blog header. This is my nature, and the way I am. I hope you can bear with me! So, I changed my blog again. Surprise?

Onto the post:

This is me:

and my husband:

all of our friends:

and our first born:

Well, really…they’re just things I found in boxes when we were moving. Things I hope my kids and grandkids will not destroy enjoy when they’re old enough to do so.

The porcelain doll has a weird story to it. Sorta strange, but it’s my story so you just read it and nod, ok?

My grandmother Eva made this doll. She made it for her sister-in-law, Mary. They were sisters-in-law because they married a pair of brothers. However, these marriages were NOT their first marriages. They had both been previously married and had lots of children.

Eva had 8 kids, one of those being Melissa.

Mary had 5 kids, one of those being Kevin.

So these ladies got remarried after Kevin and Melissa were already grown up and Melissa had been married, widowed, and had two kids of her own.

Eva got married to her new man and introduced Mary to his brother.

So, why is this an interesting story? Why should you give a poop about who married who, etc?

Well, Kevin is my Dad (even though he adopted me at age 2, he’s my dad) and Melissa is my mother.

Ok, read that again.

Now, after Eva and Mary had met their husbands they introduced all of the step cousins and siblings and what not, and my parents hit it off and got married, and they had my little brother Joey. So, they’re sorta step cousins by marraige. But now they’re divorced (another story), but still step cousins.

It was weird growing up knowing that my two grandfathers were brothers. And my two grandmothers were sisters-in-law, and my parents were step cousins, and my uncles were also my 2nd cousins and uncles. Wow. Weird. And when I said I was going to see Grandma Jones, I had to be very specific and include name, address, and social security numbers for which “Mrs. Jones” I was going to see-since I had 45,000 of them.

Anyway, the reason I am telling you this is because that doll was a gift from my Grandma Eva, to my Grandmother Mary. And I inherited it šŸ™‚

Ok, enough of that. Have a good day!

(ps…still waiting for my puppy)


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  • 1. Ory  |  June 2, 2008 at 5:01 pm

    Wow i was just looking around for stuff and i stumble upon ur page,
    very interesting story. You have a huge family.


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