Well, hello, again!

May 8, 2008 at 8:46 am 1 comment

I have been itching to get on here and write some stuff but it’s gotten a tad bit hectic and I can’t ever seem to get a minute to sit here. So, I see that a lot of people looked at my post about the nekkid girls…some came back the next day, only to find a cartoon with fully clothed Fred and Barney-on my anniversary. Ahhhh, I know, Bo-oooo-ring. I’d like to have something more interesting to write about but my life is so UN-controversial for the moment. I could write about times when it was a little more turbulent but that would become a novel and make me really crabby.

Today I am going to get a haircut! All gone, too. I am so tired of this “whatever” hairstyle I have going on at the moment. It isn’t even a “style”. It’s just hair. Hanging down. Or up in a ponytail. If you know me well then you’re aware that I am usually a little more high maintenance in the hair department than the average Jane. I used to spend 150-200 bucks every 2 months on HAIR. But, I got a major reality check and started going to a hair college for dirt cheap. And you can tell. So…today I am going to find a happy medium- hopefully. I read some reviews and found a #4 rated salon in our area that I am going to give a whirl. And here is what I want to do to my hair:

But that would be too scary for my husband, I think. Even though I wore it like this from age 21-24. I liked it,and he never complained. He’d probably like it as well, but I am sure I’ll end up with something along these lines:

whoa, that was a big photo. And I love her hair, and her eyes are just phenomenal. I think I had this hairstyle, or one a lot like this, too, about 2 years ago. As an “in between” haircut while I grew it back out from a distaster cut.

So, maybe I’ll come back with a photo of me with my haircut!

First, I better dig up a photo of what it looks like now. I am totally not taking one at the moment cuz it’s in a ponytail and I have on no makeup. So Na-nanna-boo-boo!

So, here I am. Minus the hair color. Mine is more of a Julia Roberts red/brown. Redken 7n, to be precise!


Ok, bye!


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  • 1. tritter429  |  May 9, 2008 at 10:56 am

    Oooohhh…can’t wait to see it. I love the blonde’s ‘do. I need a new one too, but have no ideas. Might steal yours šŸ˜‰


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