Conclusion: Men who look at nekkid woman are nasty

May 4, 2008 at 11:05 am 1 comment

Ahhhhh….Sunday morning!

I actually feel pretty good today despite the lack of sleep I got last night.

We went out last night with 2 other couples and had a pretty good time. I say “pretty” good time because I think it could have been better if we would have left the strip bar out of the equation. Yes, I can see your jaw has dropped and you’re looking back to read the word “strip bar”, again. I did say that. And I did go. It was quite an experience, lemme tellya. Some of the thoughts going through my mind while I sat there:

  • I wonder if her parents know she is up there
  • Um, she must have never had a child
  • wow, I’d like to know what she does in her workout routine to get that booty
  • Um, I don’t want to see that
  • or that
  • or that
  • Look at those men sitting in the strip club looking pathetic
  • look at me sitting in a strip club and looking pathetic

Yeah, it was very interesting. And of course you can’t go there and see nekkid people without gauging your own body to theirs. I don’t feel too fat and ugly considering they let a pregnant-or-just-had-a-baby-yesterday woman work there. Eeew.

So, why was I there? Well, I was just trying to be open minded and I really did want to see what all the fuss was about. My husband has gone to clubs at bachelor parties and with some work guys. It bothers me. Maybe I am insecure? But I don’t think that is the all inclusive answer. I think it makes me look at my husband in a discusted way. Like a major turn off. And going to see it first hand only reiterates my feeling: strip clubs are nasty. The whole concept is what bothers me. I don’t think the girls are nasty-they’re pretty and have great bodies and maybe need a few bucks, or an ego boost (albeit a degrading means to an end) . I think the men that go there are MORE nasty. And the girls? I just worry about what is going on in their minds: are they embarrassed? Do they have any regrets? I suppose it isn’t any different than a teenage girl giving it up for attention to fill a gaping hole in their life (no pun intended, btw) I went through that stage before I met my hubby. Who knows. What are your thoughts? Have you ever gone to one?

Before the strip club, which was a major buzz-kill for me, we went to a hypnotist. I tried to be hypnotised but I was unhypnotisable. I couldn’t do it. All I could think of was how my eyelids were twitching and I wonder if he was going to tap my shoulder and tell me to go back to my seat cuz I suck at being hypnotized! LOL My friend was OUT though. This is her second time and it was hilarious. And it was R rated, but nothing like the strip club I was about to enter. It was more like a dirty joke kinda thing. Not a gross naked sexual thing.

AFTER the strip club, we went to a karaoke bar and tried to stay awake, ate pizza. And I arrived home around 2 am.

This morning I woke up excited to take shower (to cleanse my wicked-ness) and guess what I didn’t have? Hot water.

So I am going fishing with the family while I wait for the water heater to catch up again after the windy weather blew the pilot light out. Or maybe my husband did it on accident when he was pretending to be a plumber yesterday and installed a whole house filter on our line. Hmmm, who knows?

Have a good day, everyone. I hope you enjoyed reading about my nasty eveing and that you’ll come back again. I promise it will be less controversial. Maybe…



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Ho hum day and Hypnotism

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  • 1. tritter429  |  May 5, 2008 at 10:57 am

    Ok, I had to sign up under this one so I could leave comments. Now quit moving your blog!!

    I really had to chuckle at this one. Can’t say I’ve ever been to one (with females that is đŸ˜‰ but ewwww…. I’m glad you survived!


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