Ho hum day and Hypnotism

May 3, 2008 at 1:20 pm 1 comment

What a lazy day it is today…but I am taking advantage of this stupid cold weather and getting some housework done. But I’d really rather be outside in the dirt planting something. Anything. Grass seed. weeds. Anything.

Last night, Molly had a friend over for a sleep-over. Chad took Shaw out to his parents’ house and left me with the girls. I was a little crabby about it because I wanted to go, too. *pout* I missed seeing my new baby nephew, and I missed pizza. And I missed playing cards. But, on a happy note-I got some leftover pie. Mmmm. Apple pie to be precise. And it was Deeee-licious at 10 pm last night. And they all missed us girls, too. So, I stayed home with the girls and we played some Cranium games. I did a scrapbooking page, too, for the first time in forever:

I also got some laundry done, and chatted with a super girl from the Scandinavian scrapbook team I designed for, back in the day. And she gave me some free stuff to use. Ssshhh, don’t tell Chad that I scrapbooked or he’ll call for emergency Intervention. But I miss it. I LOVE it. And I don’t suck at it! LOL

One funny part of the evening: Molly ‘s friend has had bladder trouble for as long as I can remember (remind me to tell you the story of their friendship in a minute) and she will sleep right through anything. So, she takes a pill before bedtime and this usually helps her in some form. She is so darn cute and comes over with extras of everything: blankets, pj’s, undies etc… and she will only sleep on the floor, bless her heart. So we go through the ritual of getting everyone tucked in and I am crossing my fingers that I don’t have any late night interruptions and that she’ll sleep well etc. But, alas…at 1:00am I hear some bustling in the hallway. I got up, for sure that it was M’s friend and she needed help. But nope, it was Molly. She had an accident on my NEW couch. Ugh. I was nice and calm though and dealt with it in a mature manner although I was screaming in my head “MY COUCH!” Thank God that it was only a teeny dribble (gross visual, sorry) and it came right up with no stains. But poor Molly is embarrassed (so I am telling the whole net *smacks forehead* anyways) and just as surprised as me since she hasn’t done that in a LONG time.

But we’re all better now. Couch is clean, and she is over it. Watching Pippy Longstocking (I love that movie) on the couch. We’re waiting for my Dad to come over so Chad and I can have a DATE! We’ve really been doing a good job of dating each other more than we used to. It’s good. So, tonight we’re going to Penguins Comedy Club to watch a Hypnotist. A rated R hypnotist, *raises eyebrow*. I am wondering what this is going to entail. We’re meeting 3 other couples who are a BLAST to hang out with. Coincidentally, we went out a while ago with these friends and saw a different hypnotist, but it was for a work party (all of the husbands work with Chad) and totally G rated. One of the couples we’re going out with tonight was on stage last time. He thought he was Elvis and She thought that his bald head was just irresistible and would rub it every time she heard a certain word. Funny times people. Usually we do normal things when we go out though, like karaoke bars, restaurants, and comedy clubs. But who knows, maybe this hypnotist thing is a trend. Just so long as I am not part of the show, it’s all good.

I am sure you’re staring at this post like, “okay…freakshow, you’re scaring me.”

Trust me, it’s all in good fun. Well, the “good” part is up for debate, but fun is had.

I’ll be back tomorrow to tell you how it goes! Have a good day everyone!


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  • 1. tritter429  |  May 5, 2008 at 10:58 am

    Cute scrap! Poor Molly. And mean Mommy for telling the whole ‘net world.


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