Hella Busy

April 23, 2008 at 10:01 pm Leave a comment

Let me make a list and just tell you about what kinda busy day I had. It was off the charts, dawg. By the way, before I begin, please know that sometimes I am really lazy and don’t want to use proper punctuation, spelling, or grammar but that is the beauty of my blog. I can look unintelligent if I want to, right? Na-nana-boo-boo….

  1. woke up to the man needing some loving
  2. showered because of the first item on the list
  3. drove the kids to school after arguing with Shaw about how chef boy-r-dee is not for breakfast.
  4. went to the gym worked out. I even ran for a while (!) and I don’t run much at all. I am a jogger, elliptical machine-er, treadmill walker, and caption’s chair ab exerciser. But my friend “T” was with me and she runs marathons, so that meant I had to run, yanno? Of coarse I was already tired out from my 30 minutes of x-training on the elliptical so I ran about 2 blocks worth. LMAO.
  5. went to the old place and packed a little more stuff to take to the new place
  6. went to the local garden center near the old place and got major plant envy. Which then gave me the bug to split my hostas and bring them to the new place
  7. ate lunch at T’s. Spinach salad with sprouts, strawberries (yes, and it was good. Can you believe it? She told me to put strawberries in the salad and I was like “get outta town, chic?”-but it was so good) with poppy seed dressing. And some pulled BBQ chicken. And some brown bread, like a pumpernickel or something. It was a light and tasty meal.
  8. Another friend stopped by the old place and helped me get rid of some stuff. Free to a good home is the best way to do things, eh?
  9. Helped T dig up 4 of the hostas in my old yard. Which equated to like 10 cuttings. And dug up some other stuff I wanted to take along.
  10. loaded the Pathfinder with things I packed
  11. picked up kids from school and drove back to new place
  12. unloaded Pathfinder
  13. Briefly saw hubby before he went to work. It was short and sweet.
  14. went to Wal-mart and got 6 bags of mulch
  15. went to new place and planted 5 hostas, 1 Gerber Daisy, and some hen & chicks. and some trailing thing from last summer that is growing in T’s yard-that is supposed to be an annual. Hmmm? Did you get that? I know, run-on sentence.
  16. Took the kids for a short bike ride and heard “Hi, Molly!” every time we passed this certain group of kids…my kid’s already got a posse.
  17. Took the kids to Burger King
  18. Put kids and myself in the shower
  19. watched American Idol…got sad about Carley going.
  20. Got all of the clothes into closets and/or folded nicely into baskets until I figure out where to put it all. Sheesh that is work.
  21. Picked up kids’ room so maybe I can vacuum tomorrow.
  22. Put new bedding on M’s bed
  23. Sat down here to tell you all about my busy day

So, needless to say, I am taking tomorrow off from working out and going to hang out inside and watch it rain and pour. Thank God I got my plants in the ground today!Dish guy is coming tomorrow, too! YAY! I miss my DVR.



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Movin’ Mmmm….smells like home.

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The things we touch have no permanence. My master would say: there is nothing we can hold onto in this world. Only by letting go can we truly possess what is real. -Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

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