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Good morning! Why, certainly, it is! My neck is almost straight, the weather is super duper…and my kids are both in school. Ahhhhhh……nice relaxing calm.
Today’s menu includes:

  1. Driving with my man to his hometown. I am going to most likely hang out with the inlaws while he talks to his banker about getting a loan for a new(er) truck. Most of our vehicles have been wrecked and rebuilt so we could save some money; but dh (I am going to call him dh because it is just web lingo that I can’t let go of, okay? So Dh means “dear husband”, really corny but I didn’t make the whole thing up…k? Got it? ok.) needs to have a new one quicker than we can get one fixed up. His transmission is about to choke out. *update* he got a new one! An ’04 GMC something. It’s blue and I am a teeny jealous, but won’t give up my Pathfinder.
  2. Stopping by his parents to pick up part of dh’s inheritance from his sweet grandmother who passed away the day after Christmas. Hopefully this money can go straight into our “build-a-new-house-and-move-the-trailer-to-the-river fund”. That would be great. Or if we went to the mall. That would be really great too. LOL
  3. The broadband man is coming to the trailer to get us wired for Internet. Yippeeeee. I am really happy about this. But I am not sure if I want to move my pc over to the trailer yet cuz, well…hello? it could be eons until I find parents for my dog and I can’t be unhooked to the net for long, yanno? Ok, that’s a little dramatic but you know what I mean.
  4. Taking a photo of something for today’s entry. So, check back and I will have one posted for today. Sometimes I have multiple entries in a 24 hour span so it’s always a good idea to check, I suppose. Like, I know of 4 of you readers that don’t comment but I know you read so I am talking to YOU. LOL I do the same thing. I read more than I comment.
  5. OK, I am tired of making this list. Oh wait. I am also going to read another chapter of “A New Earth” and do my “homework” for it. Lemme tellya. I like that book. I could really go on about that book but I am not going to today. But, speaking of spirituality (not religion *wink*) I am going to try on a new church this week. A friend of mine from a church I used to go to is going to come with me to try one out near my trailer. I am a little excited…but I hope it’s different than the ones I’ve attended in the past, or I’ll just stay home again. Okay, Miranda….looks like you have some issues to work out (lmbo…now I am giving myself advice, and if you read “A new earth” then you’d know that I am awakening and aware that it was my ego speaking just then…haha)

Ok, have a good day, all!



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The things we touch have no permanence. My master would say: there is nothing we can hold onto in this world. Only by letting go can we truly possess what is real. -Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

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