Here we go again

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Attention, readers! , This is another attempt at keeping my blog up to date. I am not sure if it will be successful or if it will become neglected over time. We’ll see…anyone want to place their bets?
Ok, before I explain why I decided to give my blog one more go round, I’ll tell you what I’ve been up to over the last year. It’s been a busy year (aren’t they all?):

  1. I spent most of the summer of ’07 behind my camera taking many wedding photos and portraits and engagement shots. Photography for hire was an eye opening experience for me. It showed me that I definitely do not want to become a professional photographer. Reason being: I am selfish and don’t like to do things another persons way, and hate it when I can’t get my own way. Example: I would have a idea for an intimate SUPER cool Bride and Groom shot and the couple would be looking at me as if they were waiting for a pair of antennae to pop out of my head-and they’d settle for the boring newspaper shot. “We just want boring, blah-blah-run-of-the-mill shots, please”. I use photography as a creative outlet. A means to capture what I like about being alive and taking photos for money took all of the fun and passion out of it for me because I had this “expectation” to meet. I did take photos of 2 weddings that really rocked though, and I am thankful to have them in my ‘folio.
  2. Towards the middle of the summer, I went back to work after an 8 year run of staying home with kids. So, what sort of job did I attain? A daycare worker…the lead 2 year old teacher for a local daycare/preschool. Wow, what an experience that was. I’ve always had a knack for relating well with toddlers- Ages 2-5 is my favorite-hands down. I loved working there, it was perfect for my kids too since they attended the same school where the center was located. However, I ended up leaving at the end of February because I couldn’t stand another day working with my boss and another employee (both of which were fired within weeks of me leaving) I debated and debated about whether I should stay with hopes that some sort of resolution would be reached regarding these two coworkers. But frankly, I wasn’t getting paid enough to get treated the way I was…so I quit. In retrospect, I sort of wish I had hung in there like it was suggested to me because I’d have my job, a promotion, and whole different team to work with. YET, there was a whole other bag of chips in the works which leads me to my next reason for being a bad blogger.
  3. We’re moving! And I say that with the utmost energy and excitement. As many of my close friends know, I’ve been talking about moving for over a year. What we decided to do was very scary for me at first. We were in no position to buy again, didn’t want to rent, so we decided to buy a mobile home. Wow, I was on the fence about that decision. I didn’t want to have to live in a trailer court again (btdt years ago) and have to deal with that sort of lifestyle again (having no storage space, and no garage?!). But then I decided to get over myself and do what was best for our family. Moving into this home will provide us the means to save 50% of my husbands monthly income towards a down payment for a nice NEW home! And hopefully, that will only be 2 years until we can begin that process.
    I’ll have to post photos, as we’ve totally gutted the place. New paint, new carpet, updated cupboards, new counter top, new laminate wood floors. Knocked out partitions…it makes moving “down” much more bearable! We bought new furniture and traded our huge, boxy big screen for a wall mounted 42″ flat panel. It’s pretty 🙂 And I have tulips! With as much gardening as I do, I’ve never had tulips-believe that ?

Anyways…that’s what’s been going on over the past year. Having said all of that…I want to keep in touch with some people that I may not be able to see as often as I will want to…although 15 minutes isn’t very far to travel, it’s hard to find time some days. So I will do my best to keep this up and be in touch this way.

I am off to go pick up my kids and go paint a storage bench! Word to emphasize: storage!



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The things we touch have no permanence. My master would say: there is nothing we can hold onto in this world. Only by letting go can we truly possess what is real. -Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

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