“Our constitution does not permit any branch of government to resolve these types of religious debates and entrusts to courts the task of ensuring government avoids them . .  . The statute at issue in this case does not prescribe a definition of marriage for religious institutions. Instead, the statute, declares, ‘Marriage is a civil contract’ and then regulates that civil contract . . . . Thus, in pursuing our task in this case, we proceed as civil judges, far removed from the theological debate of religious clerics, and focus only on the concept of civil marriage and the state licensing system that identifies a limited class of persons entitled to secular rights and benefits associated with marriage.”

Most people generally say they’re in favor of equal rights for homosexuals. Equal rights for housing, jobs,  government benefits…but then it seems like opinions get a little sketchy when it comes to marriage. Why is that? It really annoys me. I really think it boils down to close mindedness and overbearing religious sects. Part of the beauty with “Freedom of Religion” is that I have freedom FROM religion as well. I am free to support the church/belief of my choice, or even no religion at all. No belief system can be forced upon me. That is a great freedom. I, legally, can not persecuted for what I choose to believe. That is a great freedom. I can change my mind about what I believe. That is a great freedom. A fundamental human right.

I understand  opposition to gay marriage. I understand what the Bible says about homosexuality. I went to Catholic school, I went to very conservative Christian churches from age 14 on up…I have heard all of the sermons. But I still support the  separation of Church and State! Not so that my freedoms are limited,because they are protected!  Here’s an example of why I feel that way:

Sure, it sucks that we can’t say God in schools-because I happen to believe in God. Although I cannot say His name in the pledge of allegiance. But the Constitution is protecting my freedom of religion by doing so.  I wouldn’t want my kids being forced to say, “One nation, under Satan, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all…” because that would clearly go against my personal system of beliefs. Why should we force a Muslim, Hindu, Atheist, or Mormon child to conform to say things that go against theirs? ?

I like being married to Chad, and I cannot help the fact that I fell in love with him and found him attractive.

What if there was a religious doctrine that told me I was not allowed to marry a man over 6 feet tall? Even though I was clearly in love with him?  Even though all of my friends were getting married to men THEY loved and it was perfectly acceptable because their men were 5′ 10. Do they deserve happiness more than I? Do they deserve the right to marry the one they love more than I?

I would fight for my rights, and by golly…no goverment is going to base it’s laws off of a set of religious beliefs.

That’s my 2 cents.


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Wow, it’s hard to keep this blog updated!

I’m going to be boring and just do a list of what I’ve been up to. Then I don’t have to think of forming proper sentence structure and adding descriptive adjectives and adverbs etc….k?

  • Still working. Let me tell you, if I came across like this was going to be a breeze then I was highly mistaken. I forget how time consuming it is to keep a house clean. Especially a 2000+ square foot home. I’ve been spoiled in a mobile home, that’s for sure. 3 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, 2 living rooms. But I am not complaining, just explaining! I’ve been cooking meals as well so that’s been fun trying new things. There is always a nurse working so I have until 3 pm to get all of my housework done and then I take over from 3-5 to give Carson 100% of my attention. He’s usually had a nap by then and we just play for a while and then I start his feeding  just before Mom gets home. I am becoming an expert at using a suction machine for his nose and mouth, putting him on his breathing machine for naps, feeding him through his G-tube, and making sure he works his little tooshy off and stays strong. It’s been fun, and we’re bonding. I have a pretty cute photo to share of him that I took on Tuesday. He’s about to be one years old already, can you believe it? April 1st! img_7929-webbw
  • Home stuff:  My house is dirtier because I am home as much and just don’t have time to be Betty Crocker anymore. But we’re all happy and surviving Spring Break. Shaw is doing “so-so”…we’ll be taking him to the docter soon for ADHD testing, as he’s been surveyed at school and it’s not looking so hot. It’s no surprise and I am excited to get this figured out so the poor kiddo can just relax and not have to watch TV doing head stands for stimulation. He starts flag football on Monday. Molly is doing good. She read a 150 page book in 3 hours the other day, which I thought was super! She’s been playing outside a lot with her friends, and starting to act more and more like a tween. Too earlythat if you ask me, but she’s still a good kid. LOVES Twilight

Okay, I am going to hide from the snow that’s falling. Stupid, stupid white shit!

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Can’t I just SLEEP IN?


I am tired! I just want to sleep in, you know? I started my new job on Wednesday. I usually get up around 7 (get outta bed around 9…Guns-n-Roses, anyone?) but I have to be 20 minutes away at 7:15. So, that leaves me with 6:00. Unless I take a bath the night before, which I hate to do-I like to feel fresh. I worked Thursday, too. But my hours fluctuate, so someday I’ll get to sleep in. Friday I was hoping to sleep past 7 but Chad hit snooze, and I snoozed for 40 minutes and almost didn’t get the kids to the bus on time. And today? Well, my little nephew was going to wrestle districts for AAU wrestling today so I had to be up at 6:30. Unfortunately he weighed in at  .6 pounds over, but even after a lot of sweaty jump-roping and laps….he was still over by .2 pounds and couldn’t wrestle. Ugh.

So I need sleep.

Okay, so onto the job part.

I am working with my nephew, Carson. He is about to turn 1 and we’ve been having lots of fun together. He’s got Nemaline Rod Myopathy so he requires a nurse, or skilled caregivers 24/7. His parents both have full-time jobs, so he has nurses during the daytime and also at night (so mom and dad can sleep) I am learning the ropes on what he needs so that I can be a back up nanny for him when there are holes in the nursing schedule. In order to give me steady hours and a steady income, I still am scheduled to be there 120 hours a month whether there is a nurse provided or not. So, to keep me busy-I am doing all sorts of domestic things around their house.  I’m a maid, a nanny, an errand runner…It’s like being at home, only they have a MUCH bigger house with way too many toilets. But it’s also a little scary right now…there are so many machines and medicines and therapies. I’m slowly getting the hang of it, though and I am so happy to be helpful. Who doesn’t love a house that is always clean, and homemade meals? And someone to cuddle your baby who genuinely cares about him?

Okay, time to go….my kids are having WW3 in my living room!

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Not smoking, wii bowling, housekeeping

I smoked my last cigarette today. I hope. I am currently wearing an itchy, shiny nicotine patch. They work well and I always recommend them to future quitters. It really curbs the physical craving. However, the brain craves the habit once in a while and it is annoying. My mouth starts watering (not like I am hungry…it’s different than that) and I go to reach for a cigarette but then I remember, “wait…I am wearing a patch and have no cigarettes”…and then I move on and find something else to do. Like the dishes. Or Facebook. Or shop online for fabric for a project I am going to do. Or watch Lauren Luke’s make up videos on Youtube. Or just groan because a cigarette sounds good. All the while, mind you, I physically don’t need one, my body isn’t shaking or anything. LOL

Let’s see…what else is new? We bought the kids a Wii. I also got Tiger Woods 09 golf that I have yet to try. I’ll do that when I have my next “I need a smoke” moment. The kids like to play it, and although it doesn’t compete with the PS3 at all-in my opinion, it’s fun to jump around and what not. They love to play tennis and bowling. We also have a different bowling game called Pinbusters, where you choose funny characters like Elvis, or a slutty looking cowgirl. It’s very “real” in the way that your hand movements control the ball.  I definitely put too much hook on my throws. I suck at it, just like real bowling! Chad and Molly are the pinhead of the family though…Chad has a great bowling average in real life (not sure exactly anymore, but I know it’s 200 something) and Molly bowls in the 80s for the few times she’s bowled in her life.

Job news: I am going over to Chris and Brandy’s tonight to talk about my schedule. It sounds like I’ll be working there while there is a nurse on duty. I get to clean the house and do all things house keeping, and just play with the kiddo. On days when there is no nurse, I’ll do the best I can to be a nurse. They’re really working with our schedule so the kids won’t need much in the way of day care at all. I’ll post more as this journey begins.

I can’t think of anything else to write about today, but if I do I’ll come back and holler!

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Thyroid issues? A little too much junk in the trunk? Too many bon bons?
This is what my kids do on snowy saturdays

….stuff their pants with Webkinz!

*rolling eyes*

A giggle for the day, to say the least.

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Day One: Hollywood Studios


I was so nervous to fly…and so was Molly. She was in the bathroom while we were waiting to board, about to vomit becasuse of her nerves. But we made it to WDW safe and sound. I can’t say that I would ever like to fly again, but I am sure I will eventually. It’s just not the most encouraging after reading about the flight that crashed the same day we flew home. Sad…

Okay, onto the Disney stuff! I have posted photos on my flickr so you can browse through them. I am dissappointed in them from a photography standpoint because they are really nothing more than snap shots. Who has time to do anything but snap and run at Disney? It’s fast paced, especially when you only have 3.5 days to do it all in. But I am happy I took some anyway, and we have memories!


We went to Hollywood Studios on Day one. This park was full of fun things to do and I could spend hours just looking around without even going in any buildings or on any rides. But alas, we only had one day to see it all!

Our favorite ride in that park was the Rock-n-Roller Coaster, the Aerosmith ride. We didn’t get a fastpass for this ride, so we waited outside in the line for a while. Once we got into the building it was very cool. We were looking into the recording studio, where Aerosmith band dudes are “finishing a recording session.”, but really it’s a video you’re watching.  All of the sudden, the band manager rushes in to tell them them that they’re late for a concert. Steven Tyler is sad that we can’t come, so he orders us a stretch limo to hurry and catch the show. We leave the recording studio and hang out in line -which is  an alley into a parking garage. Finally, we get in the limo. We’re parked at the mouth of a tunnel. Music is blaring and you are looking at a huge “interstate” warning sign that says all sorta funny things to make me nervous as heck. Then it counts down and we are SHOT into the DARK tunnel at like 60 miles an hour (I looked it up and we went 0 to 60 miles per hour in 2.8 seconds!! That’s 4.5g‘s-more than an astronaut does on a space shuttle launch. ) Holy smokes, if you can tell by our faces…it was insane. Then we go upside down in corkscrews 3 times and wind all around the place…The scenery is of the L.A. freeway and the only thing you can see are street signs whizzing by. At the end you’re dropped off at the red carpet. And you’re out of breath! Here is a photo they took of us:

There is so much more we did, but I’d have to sit here all day explaining it so go check out my flickr. 

I didn’t get to see Indiana Jones show or the American Idol show but there’s always another time! If you want to take a look at my flickr photos, you can see all of the fun stuff we did while we were there. At the end of the day, we saw “Mickey’s Fantasmic” which was the highlight, for me. It brought tears to my eyes because it was done so well and it was very magical!

After that, we went back to the hotel and CRASHED!

Highlights of the day:

  •  “Lights, Motors, Action! Stunt Show
  • “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” play area
  • The Magic of Disney Animation show
  • Star Tours
  • Muppet 3-D vision show
  • Mickey’s Fantasmic
  • lots of other things I have to look at the brochure to recall.
  • Expensive food
  • Hot sun
  • Palm trees
  • lots of laughs


I’ll post about day 2, Animal Kingdom (our favorite day), in my next entry. Stay tuned!








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Disney details

Well, we’re back!!

And we wish we were still in warm, sunny Florida-that’s for sure!

I don’t have much energy or time to divulge in the details but until I get a moment, I’ll leave you with a few photos!

The pretty castle, at night! It was so cool! Magic Kindgom, of coarse.

My incredible kids with the Incredible couple….this was at Hollywood Studios (awesome)


Goofy with his identical twin, Goofy. At Magic Kingdom


My two princesses at the Magic Kingdom.

And a scary snake about to get Mickey-during the “Mickey’s Fantasmic” show at Hollywood Studios. That was So freaking awesome!

I’ll be back with more details and more photos 🙂

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